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Markdown UI

January 30, 2021·8 minutes read

An experiment on top of WASM about how to build rich interactive components based on Markdown content.

Don't create leftovers (DCL)

September 20, 2020·4 minutes read

Improve the maintainability of your projects detecting this bad pattern in your code.

Rewriting Transmission UI with React

February 3, 2017·6 minutes read·Originally publishedhere

A walkthrough explaining the process to rebuild the web interface of Transmission with a modern stack, replacing old jQuery functionality with React and Mobx libraries.

Content vs Container

December 2, 2016·7 minutes read·Originally publishedhere

Learn how to split UI components and distribute their behaviour in a way that will let you build better and more maintainable interfaces.

Be 125% more efficient with Git

October 17, 2016·3 minutes read·Originally publishedhere

Improve your daily Git interactions with this awesome set of command line aliases, powered by FZF. You will be able to switch, rebase and fixup commits in a blink of an eye.


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