Ferran Basora

Hi, I'm Ferran.

Since I was a kid, I have been awesomed about all the stuff related to computers. Then, when Internet arrived, I went deep to this new world of possibilities and convert it to my passion.

Then I was enlighted by Linux and all the topics that bring the open source community.

Right now, I'm working onDrillproject, a HTTP load testing application written inRust. On the other hand, I'm working ontmux-thumbsproject, a hint picker forTmux.

Since 2017, I work atFactorial, a Human Resources platform, improving the platform from frontend to infrastructure stuff. React, RoR and Terraform are the current stack for this platform.

From 2012 to 2017, I helped build, and growRedbooth (aka, Teambox) a project management platform for teams.

Email: fcsonline@gmail.com

Github: @fcsonline

Twitter: @openfcsonline


We need a tool™ #rust, #opensource, #security, #webperf
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