October 5, 2017
I started this project as a side project to learn Rust. I was searching a combination of different technologies to play with. I was looking for some ideas of projects where network communication, concurrency and file parsing were essential parts of the project.
I used some load testing application in the past like JMeter. Although they are so powerful and great, at some point it started to be complicated and cumbersome to setup a test plan. For this reason a lightweight Rust application to run a load testing plan of your web application looked a good side project to create Drill from bottom up.
The project was really influenced by this new trend of having a configuration Yaml file to code a set of actions. At that time my reference was the syntax of Ansible.

The project started with a small set of features, but for years we have been keep adding more and more set of nice things. Right now you can do awesome things like choose the number of requests, choose the concurrency, dynamic headers, load CSV, cookie support and much more.

If you want to play with it, you have it available as a binary in crates.io.

Really happy of this project that helped me to learn Rust and all the ecosystem around it. Also, I want to say thanks to all developers that helped to improved it. 🙌



Ferran Basora

Hi there 👋, I’m Ferran Basora, Software Engineer. I write thisblog, buildFactorial and publish the best I read onTwitter.

We need a tool™ #rust, #opensource, #security, #webperf


We need a tool™ #rust, #opensource, #security, #webperf
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